3Shape TRIOS Scanner

At Naper Dental Center we have recently made your experience in the dental chair more enjoyable by converting to using the 3Shape TRIOS Scanner for digital impressions. We no longer rely on impressions taken with the putty like material that takes, what seems like the longest 5 minutes of your life, to set up to make our crowns, bridges, and other dental appliances. The TRIOS scanner also does not require a messy powder to be sprayed on the teeth in order to capture the image like some other scanners do. In some cases 3D models will be printed from the scan of your mouth by our lab in order to make your specific dental restoration.

Learn more about our 3Shape Trios on our blog.

3Shape Trios In Action

A dental clinic in Denmark takes you through the digital restorative workflow using the TRIOS 3 intraoral scanner