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Naperville Dentist - TMJ, Sleep Apnea, Orthodontic, Dental Implant, Cosmetic, and General Dentistry

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Naper Dental Center, Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Dentist in Naperville, IL

"We care enough to be gentle"

Serving Naperville since 1980, Naper Dental Center has been providing excellent dental care so you can obtain that perfect smile. With our convenient location, accredited doctors and a caring dental staff, we can meet all your dental needs. At Naper Dental Center, our doctors and staff work closely with the patient to determine his or her exact needs and expectations. Based on careful evaluation, we then can diagnose symptoms such as sleep apnea or TMJ issues, recommend realistic options such as porcelain veneers/bonding, a dental crown, dental implants and/or dental bridge work, orthodontics and tooth whitening as needed.

We have adopted a holistic approach to each and every patient. This approach forces our doctors to discover the source of a problem and create a solution which pin points the problem instead of treating the symptoms. This approach inspires our doctors to further educate themselves above and beyond the area of general dentistry. We have expanded our practice to include TMJ therapy, Sleep Apnea screening and treatment, Orthodontics, Functional Appliances, Dental Implants, Extractions. The addition of these services allows the doctors to provide a more robust experience and help prevent or diagnose symptoms which may go unnoticed. Our #1 main goal is to provide the best possible experience with an incredible outcome.


Dr. Angela Planer Venegoni and the Staff of Naper Dental Center

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